Global Metamorphosis

Shortstory of Humankind

Once upon a time...

...on a planet called "Earth" there was a specie called "human beings".
These human beings evolved to the most intelligent and capable specie on planet Earth. They learned how to make fire, how to produce weapons, how to make clothes and they had spiritual rituals. Later they developed agriculture and learned how to built houses. Their cultural evolution went on and on, they moved from the stone age to the copper and iron age, through many epochs and finally came to industrialization and a modern technological society.

They developed different religions and customs. They had wars. They suppressed others. They plundered the earth. They got more and more greedy. They never had enough. With the industrialization their hunger for energy increased more and more. Progressively they destroyed nature and the natural resources. Energy became more and more expensive, clean water, fresh air and healthy food got less and less, big forests with oxygen-producing trees and healthy soil with carbon storing humus became increasingly scarce.

The use of fossil energies increased the quantity of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere dramatically in a very short time and simultaneously the climate changed very quickly on an evolutionary scale. There were more hurricanes and floods, more droughts and wildfires, more extreme rainfalls and temperatures. The human beings used the natural resources quicker than they could regenerate. They over-exploited the Earth, produced a lot of poisonous waste, destroyed ecosystems and fueled the climate-change. The once so beautiful and diverse, blue and green, healthy and thriving planet became more and more desolated and devastated, gray and brown, ill and dying. Many species disappeared, humans and farm animals replaced wildlife, cities, roads and industrialized agriculture and forestry replaced nature and wilderness. The balance of the eco-system was seriously disturbed. The natural resources were almost exhausted by the greedy human race.

Their leaders, called politicians, debated a lot but didn´t perform effective measures and didn´t facilitate the necessary changes in their social and economic systems. Some people fought against the deficits and problems in their world and some promoted good alternatives. They had all the knowledge and the technologies to change the world to the better, but all efforts to really do so just were not enough. Not enough people were acting, and they were not powerful enough. The disaster went on. Humankind was about to destroy its own life fundament and its only home, planet Earth. It seemed like the consequence, a mass extinction of life on earth, was inevitable and coming sooner than expected.

Close to the end most of the people in the suicidal modern culture just refused to look beyond their own noses, see the peril to life and recognize the full extend of the impending catastrophe. The threat was too big, the problems too complex, the truth too overwhelming to face it. So they preferred to close their eyes, cling to the illusion of safety, numb their feelings, live their daily lives in ignorance and thankfully allow to be lulled to sleep by modern consumerism culture. A rude awakening was about to come. An incredibly painful crash of civilization was about to bust carefree lives.

An era was coming to an end. A non-sustainable, degenerative, life-disrespecting culture died – fist slowly, then exponentially quicker. Actually, this was a good thing. It had deserved to die. And – on the cadaver of the old, the new could grow. Because there had already been many seeds. The alternatives were just waiting to replace the obsolete structures. When the human-made old system was more than ripe to be replaced, in the end a single spark was enough to inflame a conflagration of the rising new.
This spark came from the young generation. What all the efforts of the grown-up people could not achieve, the movement of the young generation did: The determination of the young people, their public standing up for their own future, their resolute advocacy for radical responsibility of the older generations to leave their offsprings a world worth living, had the energy to accelerate the Great Turning.

Many people solidarized with the protest of the young people. People of all age backed their claim. For the shared concern about the future of the world more and more people came together. The protest movement became larger and larger. All over the world people solidarized for a better future and for their claims to protect the Earth, the environment, the natural resources, nature itself, and the climate.

The crucial point was reached when people of the changemaker movement, who already established many ways of living a transformative culture, got in touch with the people of the protest movements.

When people of the protest-movement against climate change & Earth destruction and people of the changemaker movement met, it was like two complementary parts joining together, two sides of the coin: the protest and the solutions. Together they inspired each other and created tremendous synergy effects. Now the protest didn´ t come alone anymore, but was accompanied by a beautiful and attractive performence of a new culture by people showing examples how to live a transformative culture on every level of life, community and society. The protesters became also changemakers. The protest movement and the changemaker movement became one big movement for a brighter future, that shwashed over the whole planet like an unstoppable wave: the movement called "Changemakers for Future".

"Changemakers for Future" movement was extremly powerfull, because it not only raged against the existing system but it also showed the better alternatives which in their ingeniousness, diversity, beauty, attracted all people seeking for more happiness, liveliness and true satisfaction. Suddenly there were enough people to make the solutions and the next culture come true. A critical mass of enthusiastic, determined and committed people was reached. It became easy and joyful to conduct the course of humankind to another direction. The old system faded to death and a new culture arose. A more human and life-sustaining culture. A not only sustainable but also regenerative culture. A culture, where human beings honored and celebrated life in all its diversity and beauty.

Now "Changemakers for Future" wasn´ t a movement for a brighter future anymore - it was replaced by a new established culture of o brighter present, called "Humankind for Life".

A new world was born where resonsible people in a live-sustaining society, "Humankind for Life", took care of natural resources and means of livelihood for future generations and for the whole planet. The Earth could recover.

So humankind survived - after going through a radical metamorphosis. Out of the old the new was born, when in the darkest moments of human history the brightest lights were blazing up like sparkeling stars filling the night with luminous beauty and creating a new day, a brighter future.

A future where human beings could live up to their full potentials - individuals of grace, wisdom, consciousness, compassion, gratitude, responsibility, competency, creativity and physical/psychic health, with wide open hearts, strong minds and healthy relations/communities/societies - connected to the whole web of life, on a vital planet.

Mother Earth and all its creatures and ecosystems were in balance again.
Gaia continued to be a thriving planet of life.
A marvelous blue-green pearl in universe.

‚© picture: by Thorben Wengert, pixelio.de