Metamorphosis 1

Inner Healing & Transformation

Time for inner change,
time for personal transformation!

In this 8-days course we will create a safe space where we get impulses for inner healing while we go on a journey into our hidden depths, surrender to the flow, connect to our feelings, show pain, fear, anger, sadness and joy, allow to be vulnerable, reveal weaknesses and thus gain power, dive into authentic being and thus experience true humanness. Together we go through a process of getting to know each other, working deeply, encounter the own shadow sides, recognize the beauty of being and celebrate in joy and gratitude. Intense exercises and rituals touch our heart and soul. Impulses to our personal healing- and transformation-processes are given, supported by work in big or small groups as well as in single-sessions. Different methods are combined; gestalt therapy and constellation work will be a focus.

The basic spiritual attitude is awareness, conscious and sensitive being in the here and now. The underlying philosophy is, that inner transformation precedes outside transformation, that inner peace is the precondition for world peace, that inner light is the precondition to carry light into the world, and inner power is the precondition to change something in the world; to support the Great Turning to a more sustainable and life-sustaining society and culture.

The first metamorphosis training level 1 will be in 2019 in Germany and in German: Metamorphose 1

‚© picture: by Thorben Wengert, pixelio.de