Metamorphosis Academy

~ from individual to global metamorphosis ~

When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it becomes a chrysalis. Before getting a chrysalis it eats a lot, much more than normally. Then the pupation starts. The old cells start to die. Some new cells, the imaginal cells, get active. They cluster together, first in small groups then in bigger ones. These groups communicate with each other by metabolism. The immunsystem of the caterpillar attacks these cells, but can't destroy them quickly enough. The dying cadaver of the caterpillar becomes their nutrient medium. And finally the association of the imaginal cells reaches a critical mass. A new structure appears. Something new is born. Something wonderful! - The imago, the butterfly.

The metamorphosis of ourselves is a metaphor for our own transformation
from who we are to what we can be: unique beings living their full beautiful potentials.

The metamorphosis of our world is a metaphor for the global transformation.
The old system is fighting the new, but finally a critical mass of responsible actors, changemakers, is reached and with their help something new and wonderful evolves!

If the conditions of the world are a mirror of the conditions inside human beings, if the outside is a mirror of the inside, then the inner transformation is followed by outside transformation and individual metamorphosis is followed by social and global metamorphosis.The healing of the world starts with our own healing. Individual metamorphosis aims for a heal and whole "imago" being. When the physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual body - all these levels of our being - are completely filled out, completely inhabited and really in balance with each other, than we feel whole and we can co-create and change the world with all our love, our light and our life.

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Metamorphosis Academy:

Metamorphosis Academy is a place for healing, transforming and growing. It´s a holistic biotope of life in the middle of lovely nature. Body and soul find healthy nourishment here. Processes of transformation are supported by diverse offers for healing and "wholing" in a safe space. Workshops, sessions, trainings and communal life in a nourishing environment give helpful impulses and inspirations on the way of self-healing and transformation. Besides curative food, bodywork and soul aliment, consciousness based healing is in the focus of the Metamorphosis Academy.

...Feeling nature, connecting with mother Earth, inner grounding, gardening, yoga, mediation, creativity, handicraft, cop, singing circles, music sessions, dancing, enjoying community, talking circles, rituals, shadow work, energy work, body work, group sessions, consciousness training, gestalt work, family constellations, hypnosis, aroma therapy, wild herbs,...


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