~ forming the metamorphosis of the world ~

We are changemakers.
We get active for the better world that we really desire.
We live for the brighter future that we know in our hearts is possible.
We are the change that we would like to see in the world.
We are healers, creators, activists and transformers.
We are peaceful fighters and rainbow warriors.
We are children of the earth tribe.
We are life and love and light.
We are head and heart.
We are here and now.
We are determined.
We stand up.
We grow.
We flow.
We go.

We are the generation that makes the difference.
We are the generation that starts the great healing of the world.
We are the generation that accelerates the global transformation, the Great Turning.
We are the generation that responds to the global crises with an epochal transition from industrial society committed to economic growth to a life-sustaining society committed to the healing and recovery of the world.

We are activists for human rights, animal rights and environmental protection.
We live alternative lifestyles in transition towns, eco-villages and on rainbow gatherings.
We are part of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Robin Wood, peta, attac, diverse NGOs.
We organise solidarity concerts, clothes exchange parties and potlucks with shared food.
We are engaged in help for refugees, urban gardening and neighbourhood networks.
We promote the economy of the common good, regional currencies and time banks.
We apply permaculture on an agricultural and a social level.

We consider the limits of growth and prefer a degrowth economy.
We consume consciously and thrifty, look for quality instead of quantity.
We reduce, reuse and recycle, save natural resources and use renewable energies.
We eat seasonal, regional, organic, vegetarian, vegan, packaging free, fair trade.
We grow our own veggies, are part of food-sharing and community supported agriculture.
We find happiness in humility, modesty and frugality.

We cultivate awareness and consciousness and practise yoga and meditation.
We seek for inner growth, life experience and deeper understanding of all that is.
We see the light in the dark and the benefit in challenges.
We keep the hope in our time and see the good in our life.
We are full of appreciation and gratitude.

We are free and self-determined.
We are our own creations and play our unique roles in life.
We have our own individual spirituality, life-philosophy and world-view.
We listen to our heart, free our soul and humbly take back our ego.
We take over radical responsibility for all our impacts.
We are open, respectful and showing solidarity.
We are full of "joie de vivre".
We celebrate life.

We heal ourselves in order to heal the world.
We forgive ourselves so we can forgive others as well.
We love ourselves and thus are capable of unconditional love towards others.
We care for our inner child and are able to see the inner child in others.
We come to peace with ourselves and thus are ready for world-peace.

We are multi-culti.
We are colourful and divers.
We are singers and dancers, lovers and friends.
We are sisters and brothers, individuals and communities.
We are ordinary people, we are just humans.
We are creations of planet Earth.
We are part of the web of life.
We are connected.
We are one.

We are changemakers.

We are many.

We are a movement.

We are a movement for peace and for justice, for solidarity and for brother-/sisterhood.
We are a movement for sustainability & ecology, nature protection & healthy environment.
We are a movement for a better world, for a world full of life and love and well-being.
We are a movement for a wonderful healthy, colourful, diverse planet.
We are a movement for a thriving society and happy people.
We are a movement for the protection of Mother Earth.
We are a movement for the future that we desire.
We are a movement for the Great Turning.

‚© picture: by Thorben Wengert, pixelio.de