The Great Turning / Global Transformation

[The Great Turning is the global transformation from an industrial society committed to economic growth to a life-sustaining society committed to the healing and recovery of our world.]

How can we speed up the Great Turning?
How can we motivate more people?
What is needed to move people?

Usually the answer is: inform people, transfer knowledge, create consciousness and offer alternatives and action opportunities

But then, why are still many people, who really know the problems in the world and already have learned about the alternatives, why don´t they act? Why don´t they take over more responsibility? Here the common answer is:
- as long as they don´t feel the effects of the global problems strongly in their own lives, they just don´t care.

So, how can it be, that some people still do care, even though they are not (yet) directly touched by the problems?

For some reasons some people decide to follow their conscience and act responsibly, while others decide not to listen to their conscience, keep their eyes shut and enjoy their lives on the costs of others.

And then there are people that just don´t have the energy to act and to care, because they have enough problems in their own lives. Many people are stressed, unhappy or depressed and thus lack the energy to act. Often many of their needs are not satisfied – the need for love, togetherness, belonging, appreciation, security, well-being, meaning in life/job, effectiveness; or the physical need for health. Or they feel to weak to act, because they suffer from old wounds or new injuries; psychological pain paralyses them.

So we can add a third answer to the questions at the beginning: help people to satisfy their needs, to overcome their paralysing pain, to make them strong and happy, to give them energy and inner resources to act.

But what, if someone knows the problems and about the alternatives and has action opportunities, and additionally has enough energy to move - in theory, but still doesn´t because he doesn´t think it´s worth the effort - because he has no hope? Hope is needed to act determinedly.

One last driver might not be true for everyone, but for many people: what moves inside, moves outside - what touches inside, what causes emotions, can have a greater effect than just information. For example the pictures of thin and starving children in Africa touch and move people more than just the information that there´s a lot of hunger in the world. An environmental NGO has a donation advertisement about polar bears. But it´s not a text saying "When the polar ice melts, the polar bears die", it´s a picture showing a starving and dying polar bear, just skin and bones. Or: there are people who stop eating meat after visiting a slaughter house - but not after reading "animals are slaughtered for producing meat". Emotions like love and compassion can be drivers to move people. So again:

What is needed to move people, to let them become changemakers?

1. consciousness through information/knowledge
2. alternatives and action opportunities
3. enough energy from satisfied needs and from happiness
4. hope
5. emotions - being touched inside can move outside

If all theses drivers would work well, much more people would act as responsible changemakers. So where is the problem? Which drivers don´t work well?

1. Consciousness: There´s defenitely a certain amount of lack of consciousness, of deeper insight into the correlation of things. Even though many people have insight and consciousness, there are still many, who just don´t know about the problems, their causes and correlations and the direct or indirect threat towards their own life/future. More information work is needed, even though there is already done a lot by NGOs, scientists and media.

2. Alternatives: in almost every sector there are already existing alternatives - alternative technologies, models and products. Most of us have the options, to act alternatively and in a more responsible way - if we were willing to do so.

3. Power/energy: There´s a great quantity of peoply who just lack the energy to care about other concerns than the own ones. So there´s a great demand for a better satisfaction of the needs of people, for the resolution of their problems and for their happiness.

4. Hope: How can we have hope, if everyday in the media there´s only negative and depressing news? Most of the people have a great lack of hope. More hope is needed to change the world!

If changemakers live the alternatives with enthusiasm and happiness, they show the benefits of a change. The changemaker movement is not about abstinence or a grim struggle, it´s about vitality and vibrancy, about joy of life and positive energy. The movement represents the satisfaction of the elementary physical and psychic needs of all humans and the happiness of all beings on this planet. It´s about living on a beautiful, healthy planet. And it has already achieved so much at many places of the world, in many ways - the world would look much worse, if there weren´t any changemakers!

The identification with the changemaker-movement can already satisfy some inner needs (at least a little bit):
- the need for a meaning in life, for something that is worth to stand up for
- the need for belonging, being part of a great group of likeminded people
- the need for effectiveness as being part of an effective global movement
- the need for hope

To feel being a part of this global changemaker movement
for the Great Turning can motivate and activate people.
The drive of this movement can provide the energy
for own actions, for a responsible way of living.

‚© picture: by Thorben Wengert, pixelio.de